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Charlotte Anesthesia Error Lawyer

When a patient undergoes surgery, an anesthesiologist is responsible for administering the anesthetic and monitoring the patient’s response. The sedative puts the patient in an unconscious or semi-conscious state, unable to feel pain, and is an essential part of every surgery.

Tragically, anesthesia errors can result in serious injuries and fatalities. The Sasser Law Firm in Charlotte is committed to protecting the rights of people who have been injured, or who have lost family members, because of anesthesia errors.

If you or a loved one was harmed by anesthetic malpractice, call The Sasser Law Firm toll free at 866-770-8681 to arrange a free initial consultation with a lawyer. You can also e-mail the firm and someone will be in touch with you promptly.

Injured by Anesthesia Error? The Sasser Law Firm Can Help.

Medical malpractice claims, including those involving surgical and anesthetic errors, can be difficult to pursue. Hospitals, physicians and their insurers have seemingly endless resources to fight claims of malpractice. With The Sasser Law Firm, you can feel confident that you will have legal advocates on your side who are fully committed to your claim.

The attorneys, often working with medical professionals who offer significant and meaningful knowledge of potential anesthetic errors, carefully investigate each client’s claim to determine the cause of the injury and whether negligence was a factor.

Anesthesia errors can result in tracheal damage, asphyxia, brain damage, coma and death. The firm is dedicated to helping you seek full compensation for your injuries, medical bills, lost wages and other costs.

The firm can help if you or a loved one has sustained injury through any anesthesia error, which may involve:

  • Preventable allergic reactions
  • Delayed anesthesia administration
  • Incorrect dosage or over-sedation
  • Anesthesia awareness
  • Failure to properly monitor the patient
  • Defective anesthesia equipment

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If you are interested in discussing an anesthesia error and possible malpractice claim, contact The Sasser Law Firm to arrange a free initial consultation.