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Insurance Contract and Bad Faith Claims

Insurance companies traditionally made money in two ways. They collected premiums from customers, and they invested. In recent decades, however, a third, less honorable means of making money has been become a major source of revenue for some insurers.

Avoiding Their Responsibility to Pay Benefits on Valid Claims

The Sasser Law Firm, a full-service firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina, is focused on handling complex cases involving catastrophic or fatal injuries. As a part of the commitment they have to their clients in the Carolinas and elsewhere, their attorneys also represent clients in insurance bad faith and insurance-related concerns involving:

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The Resources and Resolve Required

One of the insurance companies’ favorite tactics is to use their enormous financial muscle to strong arm or simply wear down claimants. Unfortunately, the reason it is a favorite tactic is because it is so often effective, especially when the plaintiff’s lawyers lack either the resources or the resolve required to meet their challenge. This is never an issue for clients of The Sasser Law Firm.

Whether the matter involves a failure to pay the true value of claims, or wrongfully denied claims, their lawyers are familiar with tactics such as post-claim or retroactive underwriting and are unwilling to let the insurers’ improper conduct go unchallenged.

In addition to the firm’s work on behalf of personal injury clients, they also represent business owners and other individuals in insurance bad faith disputes.

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