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Serious Vehicular Accidents

North Carolina Car Accident Lawyers

If you have suffered catastrophic injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one as the result of a car or motorcycle accident, contact the car accident lawyers at The Sasser Law Firm.

As a firm, they handle serious car and motorcycle accident cases throughout North and South Carolina and have an accomplished record of achieving the kinds of results clients need to regain control of their lives. Types of catastrophic injuries involved in their practice include:

Whether you were left paralyzed after an SUV rollover, or your son or daughter suffered a motorcycle head injury—their attorneys know how to investigate, develop, and litigate these cases to achieve the full and fair amount of compensation available. They are also skilled at putting together Life Care plans that truly reflect the future needs these injuries create.

Design Flaws and Defective Automobile Components

Sometimes, injuries are not caused by the accident itself but because the vehicle has a dangerous design or parts that do not work as they are supposed to. These can be complex cases to pursue and, as such, they require a law firm with the experience, knowledge, and resources required to take on the auto-makers and their insurers.

The Sasser Law Firm has a proven ability to accomplish this task and a network of recognized experts with the credibility needed to challenge the manufacturer’s and insurance carrier’s experts head-on.

Contact Proven Motorcycle and Car Accident Lawyers

For a free consultation and to learn more about how The Sasser Law Firm may be able to help you—call or contact the firm directly at their Charlotte, North Carolina, law offices today.