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Charlotte, North Carolina Emergency Room Error Lawyers

Most often, people visit the emergency when they need immediate medical attention. Chest pain, burns, and broken bones are just some examples. In most cases, appropriate medical care is provided. In some cases, however, ER negligence causes complications, worsening of injuries or illnesses, or even death.

If you believe an emergency room error caused you lasting harm or contributed to the death of a loved one, The Sasser Law Firm can help. Call the firm toll free at 866-770-8681 to arrange a free initial consultation with an attorney. You can also e-mail the firm and someone will be in touch with you promptly.

Investigating Claims of Emergency Room Negligence

When staffing, time and other resources are under pressure, mistakes do happen. Not every emergency room error represents actionable negligence, but many are caused by poor hospital policies, misplaced priorities, or other factors.

You may have had to wait an exceptionally long time emergency room. You may not have been seen by a doctor, but rather were examined by a nurse or other medical professional. You have been sent home feeling your concerns were not taken seriously only to learn that the delayed response worsened your condition. Or, you may have developed an infection after your ER visit.

The Sasser Law Firm has an extensive medical malpractice practice and is adept at handling injury and illness claims caused by emergency room error. The attorneys and their network of resource medical professionals can investigate claims of emergency room error. The firm has the resources, knowledge and dedication to ensure your claim is given the attention it deserves.

Emergency rooms can be hectic, but physicians and other medical professionals must always provide patients care that meets the generally accepted standard. When that standard of care is not met, serious injuries and fatalities can occur.

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If you or a loved one has been injured because of an emergency room error, arrange a free initial consultation with a lawyer. Contact The Sasser Law Firm toll free at 866-770-8681 or contact the firm online.