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Charlotte Defective & Unsafe Product Lawyers

Most of us use many different products everyday. The vast majority of them are safely designed and manufactured for their intended use and, as a result, we rarely think twice about their safety. But the unfortunate fact is that due to carelessness, negligence, or profit motivations there will always be manufacturers that put dangerous and deadly products on the market.

The Sasser Law Firm has the experience, resources, and skills required to take on large manufacturers and their insurance companies. However, because developing and litigating a defective and unsafe products claim requires a substantial investment on the part of any law firm—their attorneys focus their efforts only on those cases that involve life-changing injuries and  wrongful death.

As a firm, they represent injured people and surviving family members in the Carolinas and elsewhere in cases involving defective and unsafe products such as:

  • Defective medical devices and equipment
  • Automobiles and defective components
  • Dangerous industrial equipment
  • Improperly labeled products
  • Unsafe children’s toys and clothing

In every matter, the lawyers at The Sasser Law Firm are passionate about seeing justice done and about bettering the lives of their clients. They are also dedicated to achieving the full value of your case. This commitment means making sure that more than just your medical expenses and lost wages are covered in any settlement. As such, their team of attorneys, medical specialists, and other professionals will carefully review and calculate the total cost of your injuries and the amount of compensation you will need to regain some measure of control over your life.

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