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Experienced Pension and Retirements Dispute Attorneys

Years and years of contributing to your pension or retirement plan and now you are being told it is being cut, reduced or denied. This is every worker’s worst nightmare. An attorney experienced in insurance pension plan disputes is here to make sure it doesn’t become a reality.

Compassionate and Dedicated ERISA Law Firm

The Sasser Law firm, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, helps employees who are being told their pension or retirement plan has been altered or even terminated. There are federal laws that protect you from such unfair actions, under ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act). Talk to one of our compassionate pension and retirement disputes attorneys about your situation. In a free initial consultation, he or she will go over your options and help you choose the right course in fighting for your rightfully earned retirement benefits. Contact us online or call 704-315-2584.

Protecting Your Retirement Benefits or Pension Plan

Under ERISA, employers must meet certain retirement requirements, including properly notifying employees of changes to their pension or retirement plan. If you are being told that your plan has been terminated, reduced or changed substantially in some other way, we can review your claim to see if there has been a violation of ERISA.

Additionally, we will negotiate or litigate if necessary with your employer to seek retirement benefits that you have earned and rightfully deserve. We have seen it where too many times an employer corporation has recklessly invested or merged with another company, cutting pension and retirement plans of their hardworking employees. Our goal is to seek justice on your behalf.

Contact Our Skilled Pension and Retirement Disputes Lawyers

There is a reason why employers must follow laws enacted by ERISA. It is morally and legally wrong to take away someone’s hard-earned pension or retirement plan that violates this federal act. Contact The Sasser Law Firm in Charlotte, North Carolina, and find out how we can help.